Our firm has extensive experience in performing large scale and complex cross-border statutory audit and/or comprehensive internal control audit including but not limited to the United States of America, People's Republic of China, Taiwan (Republic of China), Hong Kong SAR, Republic of Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, etc.
United States SEC Reporting Company related services

We have been helping United States SEC reporting companies to file audit report and contribute in the Registration Statements under United States Securities Act (Form S-1, Form S-3, Form F-1, Form F-3, etc.), some may be known as initial public offerings; to file audit report and contribute in the filing of Current Report (Form 8-K, Form 6-K) such as merger and acquisition audit report; to file audit report and/or review report and contribute in the filing of Annual Report, Quarterly Report (Form 10-K, Form 10-Q, Form 20-F, etc.)

List of clients we performed part of or all of the above mentioned services:

1. Kandi Technologies, Corp. (NASDAQ trading code KNDI), a motor vehicle producer in China.

2. QKL Stores Inc. (NASDAQ trading code QKLS), a supermarket chain store in China.

3. Shengkai Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ trading code VALV), a high tech manufacturer in China.

4. Dragon Bright Mintai Botanical Technology (Cayman) Ltd. (NASDAQ trading code DGBMF), a wood products company in China.

5. ACL Semiconductors Inc. (OTCBB trading code ACLO), a semiconductor trader in H.K.

6. AlphaRx, Inc. (OTCBB trading code ALRX), a pharmaceutical company in H.K.

7. Greatmat Technology Corporation F/K/A Aurum Explorations, Inc. (Other OTC trading code ARMX), a holding company in H.K.

8. Baoshinn Corporation (OTCBB trading code BHNN), a travel service provider in H.K.

9. China Education Alliance Inc. (OTCQX trading code CEAI) an educational and training center in China.

10. China Executive Education Corp. (OTCBB trading code CECX), an executive education course provider with operations in China.

11. China Media Group Corporation (OTCBB trading code CHMD), a media advertising and electrical home appliance company in Hong Kong and

12. CN Dragon Corporation (OTCBB trading code DRGN), a holding company in H.K.

13. Iveda Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB trading code IVDA), a video hosting, archiving and real-time remote surveillance service provider in the United
      States and Taiwan.

14. Oakridge International Corporation (OTCBB trading code OAKO), a waste management corporation in Hong Kong and Australia.

15. Sunway Global Inc. (OTCBB trading code SUWG), a medical equipment producer in China.

16. T.O Entertainment, Inc., a live and animated films producer and distributor in Japan.

17. Uni Core Holdings Group Ltd. (OTCBB trading code UCHC), a manufacturer and wholesaler of paper products in China.

18. Yanglin Soybean Inc. (OTCBB trading code YSYB), an agricultural product processor in China.

19. XcelMobility Inc. (OTCBB trading code XCLL), mobile Internet applications on cellular phones, smartphones, tablets and mobile computers
      designer in China

United States and Hong Kong Comprehensive Internal Control Risk Evaluation

1. Highpower International Inc (NASDAQ trading code HPJ)

2. Kingston Financial Group Limited (HKex trading code 1031)

3. CNC Holdings, F/K/A Tsun Yip Holdings Limited (HKex trading code 8356)

4. Clerk Resort Limited